About Us

The Dongfang Hour was officially founded in March 2020, however the hosts began recording podcasts on China aerospace together in late 2019. As China continued its pace of roughly one significant space-related announcement per week, the hosts realized that there was clearly enough happening to justify a podcast. This, combined with the world being turned upside-down thus far in 2020, and the fact that in many ways, the way forward appears to be upwards and outwards, will ensure that there is plenty to talk about on a weekly basis.

Blaine Curcio

Blaine has spent the past 10 years at the intersection of China and the space sector. Blaine has spent most of the past decade in China, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Beijing, working as a consultant and analyst covering the space/satcom sector for companies including Euroconsult and Orbital Gateway Consulting. When not talking about China space, Blaine can be found reading about economics/finance, exploring cities, and taking photos.

Jean Deville

Jean is a graduate from ISAE, where he studied aerospace engineering and specialized in fluid dynamics. A long-time aerospace enthusiast and China watcher, Jean was previously based in Toulouse and Shenzhen, and is currently working in the aviation industry between Paris and Shanghai. He also writes on a regular basis in the China Aerospace Blog. Hobbies include hiking, astrophotography, plane spotting, as well as a soft spot for Hakka food and (some) Ningxia wines.

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